Zanzarah Walkthrough

This is a very straight forward walkthrough. Do not expect to have everything pointed out. Explore everywhere or you will miss extra items. If you wish to post this walkthrough please give me credit and a link to this site. If you find any errors please email me and I will check it out. Have fun!


You arrive in Amy’s home. Keep heading up stairs and open the chest in the attic to get Fairy Garden Rune. Use it, and you are transported into the Fairy Garden.
Go to the left and you meet Rafi. He gives you the Fairy Bag. Go down the hill, past the tree and out the exit on the left.
You find yourself in Endeva. There is a trainer by Seamus (he trains your low level fairies for free), card players in the bar (they will give you money if you click on them), a magic shop being terrorized by a Pixie, a helpful owl, and Rufus’s house. Search everywhere because you will find goodies.
Head into the bar and talk to Rufus. Use his key to enter his locked house across from the bar. Pick a fairy out of the three (water, nature, and rock), and grab the return to london Rune. Leave the house.
You should use the trainer to level your fairy up to 10 or so. Talk to Lucius, and follow him into the Fairy Garden. Follow the paths and eventually you will find him. If you get close to any rocks or trees, you will have to fight a level 3 fairy. You will have to battle an Elf to continue on your way. You will receive a pixie bag from Lucius (once you find him) to catch those pesky pixies with. Remember, always explore because there are a lot of things that will help you.


Pixie Hunter
Follow Lucius and visit his cottage and buy spells for your fairies from the magic merchant. Return to the cottage when you find 5 pixies and he will reward you. You can also talk to the scarecrow and defeat the fairies. He will heal your fairies’ mana for free. By the way, when you get 10 pixies, you get the key to Lucius’ basement and access to an Evolution Stone.
Leave the area through the other exit (not the one you came here through) and turn right. Turn right again and pick up the cottage rune. Go back through the gardens and collect pixies and fairies. You can get Tadana by battling the fairy guarding the silver ball by the river and giving it to the Elf.
Back at Endeva, catch the pixie in the magic shop and pick up some goods. Use the trainer to level your fairies up. Exit the town through Seamus and head to Tiralin by following the signs.


You receive the fairy book at the gate from a dwarf. Then enter Tiralin. Go straight ahead and explore the Town Hall. You will get a map. Leave the building and turn right. You can battle Seamus and go through the doorway. Follow the path until you get to the magic shop. Enter it and pick up the catacomb key, the pixie, and buy some goods if you need them. You could battle the dwarf and get some good tips from him.
Go back to the town hall area and exit through the other way. Turn to the left and enter the catacombs. Explore down there and notice the magic merchant and a locked door. You can get an Evolution Stone of Fire down there too (without entering the locked door). Go back up into the town and follow the path.
The first door on the left is a bar. Within, you can find a lady elf exchanging fairy balls and an elf looking for Jumrock.
The next door (I call it an inn) on the left is a lady elf selling the Dunmore Rune for 5 crystals, a merchant selling fairy balls, and magic merchant.
Across from the inn is a dwarf exchanging crystals for fairy coins.
Buy the Rune and any other potions you need from the lady elf. She is also looking for Suane. Use the Dunmore Rune. Turn left and defeat the shadow elf on the bridge.


Dunmore-Swamp (Nature Card/Water Conch)
Visit all the houses and you will find a magic merchant, a store, a map, and a trainer (charges 60 coins).
The center building has an elf from the enchanted forest and the Tiralin Rune.
Leave the town opposite of the way you came in. A little left you will see the Shadow Elf General but he won’t fight you until you defeat the other two elves in the swamp nearby. You will receive the Ocean Conch for your troubles.
Follow the swirling pink lights in the swamp. On the way to the Nature Card, you can pick up some pixies and other helpful items. The ghost lights lead you to an island structure. Move around it until you reach a ramp. Defeat the Shadow elf and claim the Nature Card.
Use the Tiralin Rune. Go immediately right and follow along and exit. Follow the path to Dunmore. Shrink the bush and enter the swamp. Pick up the goodies and pixies.


Enchanted Forest (Nature Key)
Use the Fairy Garden Rune. Exit the town like you are going to Tiralin but look at the sign posts and head on the Enchanted Forest path to the cottage. Eventually you will find a cottage smothered by bushes. Clear all the bushes and talk to the lady elf. She will give you the Nature Key.
Go back to Dunmore and talk to the elf in the town hall. Next time you visit the cottage, he will convert two small potions into one big one.
Use the Cottage Rune. Exit out the back way and look a little left. There will be a stone doorway. Enter it and shrink the prickly bush. There will be a dwarf selling Darbue and a Magic Merchant.


Mountain Area (Earth Key)
Exit the area (not back to the Cottage). You will get to the beginning of the mountain area. Follow the right wall into the next area. Run across the bridge and defeat the Shadow elf. Then turn right. You will be looking into an open area with pixies and hidden tricks to get stuff. Follow the wall directly right, when standing by the entrance, into the next area. Cross the bridge after defeating the elf and follow left along the wall. You will find a cave type area with the exit in the back. Turn right in the next area and enter the first door you find on your right. Turn left (turn right here and enter the Dark Caves to get a PSI fairy which you will need), kill the elf and follow the path. Turn left into the cave to exit the area.
You are near the Dwarf Tower. Turn left and follow the path and enter the tower. Grab the Tower Rune and the Mountain map. Defeat all the dwarves and check out their rooms. Solve the chest puzzle at the top and you receive the Earth Key!


Mountain Peaks (Air Key)
Leave the Dwarf Tower and almost straight across from it will be another path. Go through and defeat the Shadow elf. Go along the middle branch and follow the path marked “the peaks”. Take the first right you see and you will find yourself in a clearing.
Follow the path right. You are in another area and take the second right you see. You should be in a snowy cave place; follow the right path and defeat the elf.
You are now on the peaks so follow the path left (go right later, after you get the Air card, to get the only Evolution of Air Stone and a pixie). Enter the Ice Caves.
Wander around a bit and you should find a pixie, the rune for the mountains, and another area. Go straight to the back a talk to Lasse. Defeat the four fairies (one of them needs to be awakened with the Water Conch) and talk to Lasse again. He will give you the Air Key.


Realm of the Clouds (Earth Card)
Use the Dwarf Tower rune. Go to the elevator with the light stones. You will be lifted up into the Realm of the Clouds. Go straight across the island and across the bridge. Go across the really long bridge, go up the tower and defeat the Dark elf. Go straight across the island and defeat the elf. Go down the tower and through the blue/black portal. Go immediately left to a hidden nook where the Realm of the Clouds rune is. Go past the Magic Merchant and meet the White Druid. Defeat the two elves. Talk to the Druid to receive the Fairy Card of Earth.
To make it easy, just use the Dwarf Tower Rune again. Go back up to the clouds. Take the left path. Before going through the portal, get the Realm of the Clouds map. Go through the portal. To get the pixie, head around the back of the hill and trigger the steps. Destroy the boulder. There is only one way so follow it around the hill and up the white paths. Follow along until you get to the Arena.
Talk to the White Druid. Defeat the Shadow elf in the Arena. You will receive Quinlin’s Staff of Rule. Save Suane from the Chaos fairies. Go back and talk to the White Druid.


Swamp (Air Card)
Go to London and pick up Suane. Then go to Tiralin and trade Suane to the inn keeper for Segbuzz.
Use the Dunmore Rune and turn left on the catwalk. Shrink the bush and trade Segbuzz for Worgot. Yes, you have to do it. Go back to London and grab another fairy. Follow the long island (pixie) until you get to the area with the Great Tree.
Head over to the Great Tree and Defeat Seamus, Eirik, Janus, and the swamp goblin.
Grab the Fairy Card of Air. Now you can use the air eddies with an air fairy.


Dunmore (Dwarf Key)
Use the Realm of Clouds Rune. Use the right path to the White Cathedral. Jump the air eddies and defeat the Shadow elf. Enter the castle and talk to the Druid. The left path is to a Magic Merchant. Head on up to talk to Lasse. You get the Dwarf Factory Key.
Use the Dwarf Tower rune. Go straight, then immediately turn right. Use the first right pathway. Take the middle path and then turn left. Now turn on the first right and destroy the boulder. Enter the Dark Caves. Follow along until you reach Monagham. The first house on the right has a closet with the Monagham Rune in it.
Follow path until you reach a locked door, and the key jumps out an opens it. Go through the door and enter the factory. Do battle with the Metal fairies and head on up the stairs on the left. Talk to Quinlin and receive the Dwarf Key.


Mountain Area (Fire Key)
Use the Fairy Garden Rune and turn right. Destroy the boulder and go through the passage. Catch the pixie and use the elevator. Defeat the Metal fairies and open the chests with dwarf tools by solving the puzzles.
Use the Tower of the Dwarves Rune. Go straight and turn left. Follow along until you meet a Dwarf. Challenge him with a PSI fairy and gain access to the passage. Follow along and cross the bridge. Talk to the Dwarf and notice the platforms he calls. Go back across the bridge, use the white portal and jump the steps to receive the Fire Key.


Enchanted Forest (Fire Card)
Go to the Enchanted Forest Hut. When you get into the area, follow the right wall and go through the passage. Open the gate, pick up the pixie, and head over to the group of Nature Fairies. Challenge and beat the fairies and you will receive the Fire Card.


Use the Monagham Rune (you need a fire fairy) and turn right. Pull the lever and enter the building. Use the elevator, jump the airs eddies, and enter the Lava Caves. Equip your Fire fairy and wander around the caves until you get 3 (yes three) Evolution Stones of Fire and a Pix.
Use the Cottage Rune and head over to the mountain area. Before you actually enter the mountain area (the area with the owl) head up the path and destroy the boulder. Go a little right and defeat the elf. He will give you a Town Hall key. Go to Tiralin, enter the town hall, go straight till you find a lock door, enter it and grab the clover. Now back to the waterfall area. Follow the waterfall around till you find a cave. Enter it and follow the left wall until you find an opening with an Evolution Stone of Fire.
There is an Evolution Stone of Nature where you first met the Druid in the Realm of the Clouds.
Use the Tiralin Rune. Enter the Catacombs. Take the right path down and go straight across to the lock door. Enter and follow along until you reach an intersection. Go right then enter the left passage. Follow the path down until you reach a dark purple area. Open the chest to get the Fairy Horn.
Use the Tiralin Rune. Go left into the other wing of the town. Open the locked gate. Follow the dirt path across the bridge and beyond. Pick up the pixie and enter The Ruins. Go around the outside of the island (not on it) and pick up the 2 Evolution Stones of Nature. Go onto the island, and in the center you can pick up the PSI card.


The Shadow Realm
Use the Dunmore Rune and head over to the Great Tree. A little past the tree is an iron gate that leads to the Shadow Realm. Enter it.
Follow along defeating Shadow Elves as they come. Eventually you will find yourself in a room with three locked doorways (each a different color). In one corner, there will be a sparkly light area that you should check out. When you tough them, stepping stones will appear. Jump them and you will come to a chest with a Red Bone Key.
Use the Red Key to open the Red door. Keep to the right to meet up with a Magic Merchant. Nearby is a chest with the Green Bone Key. Follow back to the entrance of the red area but not quite. Off to the left will be stepping stones that lead to the Shadow Realm Rune.
Go to London and grab the Pix. Use the Shadow Rune to make the trip back to the gate room. Open the green room. Take the left path and after defeating the shadow elf, follow straight ahead. There will be a chest with the Shadow Realm map inside. Go back and take the right wooden path. After beating the shadow elf, walk ahead and take the left path. Jump over to the skeletons and show the male your Pix. You receive the Blue Bone Key.
Use the Rune yet again to get back to the gate room. Go though the blue door. Follow the main path straight ahead with the only detours being made for the items all over. You will eventually be challenged by Shadow Elves. Defeat them and go to the Dark Cathedral.
Enter and defeat the White Druid. There are goodies and pixies here if you are a collector. Go though the door behind the Guard to get upstairs. Defeat the Druid once again to take down the barrier protecting the Guard.
Defeat the Guard. It has high level metal fairies. Enjoy the ending!